-Skid Clothing and Big City BMX teamed up recently to hold a dirt jumping contest in Calgary, Alberta. BTLs Matt Beyers and Boner got first and second place and scored a ton o' prizes. Dirty Bird Dwayne also entered , his first contest and he placed 10th out of 23 jumpers.

-Other BTLs that entered were Tom, and Randy who got 3rd and 4th. So Brentwood scored 1st,2nd,3rd,4th and 10th... not bad.

-Expect to see Brentwood Trails in an upcoming issue of Chase Magazine. BTLs will be out in full force for the photo shoot. Email me with any questions. (email address at the bottom of the page)

-New Canadian BMX Magazine

(headed by Ken Paul at Upnorth BMX)

Tyler "the Hawk" Clarke is now on Team K2

-Brentwood locals Mark Whitney and Jeremy Thornton raced the 1998 ABA Grands in Tulsa and ripped it up. Mark got 2nd in the Race of Champions and Jeremy got 3rd. They were both racing in the 18x class.

-Mat Sager of Olympia, WA has been riding for K2 Bikes, Blink Clothing,and B&I Bikes-Boards. He has been traveling to shows across the USA.

-Ryan Erickson of Olympia,WA has picked up a major distributor for his BLINK Clothing Shin-guards. Have your local bike dealer contact "TIPDistribution" If you want a pair of these bad boys!!!

-TriCycle Sports of Olympia, WA is negotiating a freestyle show for Thurston Co. Lakefair on July 17, 1999 and has a few more leads.
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(thanks for the info Aaron)

-Darren Berecloth is now on team K2 for racing and jumping.

-The almighty Taj has fallen. While doing a rail outside the Bike Trade Show in Vegas, Taj wrecked pretty hard. After a week or so in the hospital he lost his spleen and cut his liver. Hope you get well soon Taj.

-GT Bikes has been bought by Schwinn, So this means GT and Schwinn are going to merge.

-SHL Shaun Butler has been kicked off the Schwinn team for being drunk before contests. He rode in the X-games on a bike that wasnt a Schwinn because he couldnt remember where he left it the night before.

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